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9403 Overhill Drive
Pomona, NY 10970

Quote Number QUO-082
Quote Date January 26, 2024
Valid Until February 25, 2024
Total $1,675.20
Billing address
Kristophe Zephyrin
KNZ Media & Development LLC
285 Berriman St
Brooklyn, NY 11208

Myndsheer intends to create an online WIX site for KNZ Media & Development to showcase its photography services and related merchandise.  The suggested domains include;,, or

Myndsheer shall provide a high performing, attractive, and customer engaging copy- and image-rich digital presence. Work to include a shopping cart, client download feature, client portfolio segmentation, manipulating the existing company logo to best fit, strong call-to-action options, social media integration, and customer facing policies and terms of use.

Hrs/Qty Service Rate/Price Sub Total
1Policy Plan - Basic Essential$99.00$99.00
1Website Development - Non-Profit / Small Business$1,995.00$1,995.00
-20% Discount:-$418.80

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