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9403 Overhill Drive
Pomona, NY 10970

Quote Number QUO-078
Quote Date July 31, 2023
Valid Until August 15, 2023
Total $258.66
Billing address
Frank Bonner
Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity, East Region

Myndsheer is pleased to provide content and training services to the Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity, Inc., East Region. The scope of work shall include;

  • Content Update of the Wordpress website, all pages, with current 2023 provided information - officer data, photo gallery images, programs, and hyperlinks
  • Training on general Wordpress content author and editor roles - one hour session for up to 4 persons, plus 30-min required to customize training for Alpha Phi Alpha
Hrs/Qty Service Rate/Price Sub Total
3Add Site Content$50.00$150.00
1Consulting - Program Management$135.00$135.00
-15% Alpha Discount:-$46.33

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